Listen to the Hum
to Oct 18

Listen to the Hum

Private View: Friday 6 September, 6-8pm
Date: Saturday 7 September – Friday 18 October 2019
Gallery address: 47 Berwick St (1st Fl), Soho, London W1F 8SQ
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 11am-4pm & by appointment

ALICE BLACK will present ‘Listen to the Hum’, a group exhibition featuring El Anatsui, Miriam Austin, Ivan Black, Simon Callery, Jodie Carey, Rachael Louise Bailey, Tristan Pigott, Nina Royle, Victor Seaward and Nicholas William Johnson. The exhibition will preview at the gallery’s Soho, London space on Friday 6 September (6-8pm). ‘Listen to the Hum’ is an artistic response to the ultimate conflict of our era - that between mankind and nature. A conflict which has been raging, until now virtually unchecked, across all the worlds land mass, deep in our oceans and high in the sky.

‘Listen to the Hum’ comes at a time when the available science tells us that there is little we do that is without environmental consequence and those same capacities of cognition that saw us exert our control and destroy must now be employed to restore and renew. In this context it is the role of art to do what science cannot – to help us reconnect with the natural world spiritually and instinctively. The artists spotlighted in ‘Listen to the Hum’ are forerunners in art forms which reflect our diverse and often contradictory attitudes to the natural world. Combining painting, sculpture, ceramic and installation, the exhibition represents a nexus point of ideas and disciplines relating to dominion and coexistence.

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